Redhawk Ventures

Helping Miami University student and alumni founded startups #TakeFlight


Executive Team

MAX DAVIS,   Co-Managing Director

MAX DAVIS, Co-Managing Director

LAURA MENA,   Co-Managing Director

LAURA MENA, Co-Managing Director

KAT MENA,   Portfolio Manager

KAT MENA, Portfolio Manager

JAKE CONJERTI,   Investment Director

JAKE CONJERTI, Investment Director

BEN SANDLER,   Treasurer

BEN SANDLER, Treasurer

HUNTER ENAMA,   Recruitment Director

HUNTER ENAMA, Recruitment Director

GABE SHEPHERD,   Marketing Director

GABE SHEPHERD, Marketing Director

DAVID DALY,   Director of Member Engagement

DAVID DALY, Director of Member Engagement


Connect. Consult. Maximize.

Redhawk Ventures is a student-led venture capital fund, supporting startups founded by Miami University students and alumni. Fund members come with diverse backgrounds and majors, but share one goal: maximize the value of every single startup that enters our pipeline. By discovering emerging businesses, we establish personal connections with the founders. Beyond granting seed funding, we provide consultation services to accelerate startup growth with a goal of maximizing value. 

While we can only provide capital to students and alumni, we seek to interact with any and all entrepreneurially-minded individuals who may need our support and expertise.

Why Join?

Redhawk Ventures is one of a select few student-led venture capital funds in the country. By becoming a member, you will experience the fast-paced world of venture capital and entrepreneurship while gaining valuable insights that are only possible through this unique opportunity. 

As one of the most premier and competitive clubs at Miami University, we pride ourselves on selecting only the most talented and passionate candidates to join our team. To apply to Redhawk Ventures, come meet us at Mega Fair and/or Meet the B-Orgs on September 5th. If you are unable to make it, please reach out to Co-Managing Director Max Davis at or Co-Managing Director Laura Mena at 

We are a family at Redhawk Ventures with a committment to impacting the business careers of each and every member. 

Why Pitch?

Redhawk Ventures provides valuable advising services to all of our portfolio companies. If you should ever have any questions about the direction of your business or need guidance, Redhawk Ventures will be eager to stand by your side. Our first priority is to help young entrepreneurs gain the experience, information and confidence they need to develop their business ideas, so we are thrilled to help you get your startup off the ground even if we are unable to reach a funding deal. 

Please fill out our pitch form to apply to pitch with us today!

Who's Eligible to Pitch?

In order to gain funding from Redhawk Ventures, at least one team member with an equity stake of at least 5% in the business must be either a current student or an alumna/alumnus within the last 8 years of Miami University.

I can't pitch to RV. What now?

Our main goal at Redhawk Ventures is to help entrepreneurs develop their ideas, so even if you are not eligible to gain funding from Redhawk Ventures, you can still meet with us and take advantage of our free advising services.

Please proceed to our non-funding pitch form.