Apply to Pitch to Redhawk Ventures!

If you are interested in pitching your startup to Redhawk Ventures, please follow the link below and fill out the form. You should refer to the list of information that will be requested in the pitch form (below) prior to filling out the form. You can expect a response in 2-3 business days. Make sure you meet our funding eligibility requirements before applying to pitch.


Redhawk Ventures Pitch Form


information requested in pitch form

When you fill out the pitch form, the following information will be requested. Please note, only parts 1 and 2 are required. Any additional information that you provide will speed up the funding process, but is not required.


** = Required Response

Everything Else = Optional


Part 1: personal information for each founder

Full Name**

Email Address**

Phone Number**

LinkedIn Profile URL

Resume (Shareable Link)

Academic Transcript (Shareable Link)


PART 2: required company information

Company Name**

1 Page Executive Outline/Business Summary (Shareable Link)**

Pitch Deck (Shareable Link)**

Was this idea created as part of a class?**


All parts below are optional


part 3: team incentives (optional)

What are the incentives and what motivates the founders?

How do you plan to grow the team in the next 12 months?

What skills are you confident your team has?

What skills would you like to add to your team?

Why can your team capitalize on this business plan the best?


part 4: strategic partner information (will only fill out if you have strategic partners)

Partner Business Name

Is the partnership planned or existing?

Purpose of Relationship

Partnership Contact Person

Contact Person Email

Upload any correspondence that is valuable (quotes, emails, etc.) via shareable link.


part 5: Mentor/champion information (will only fill out if you have strategic mentors/champions)

Mentor Name


What value does the mentor bring to the table?


part 6: customer information (will only fill out if you have customers are willing to provide feedback for you)

Customer Name

Email Address

Phone Number


part 7: product/service differentiation (optional)

Link to business website/landing page

Unique Value

Business Model Canvas (Shareable Link)


Part 8: current validation (optional)

Pictures, mockups, wireframes of your product (Shareable Link)

Problem Validation

Solution Validation

Revenue Validation

Team Validation


part 9: Scalability (optional)

Plans to reduce unit cost

Distribution channels

Additional future products/services

Follow-on revenue opportunities

Exit strategy


Part 10: market evaluation (optional)

Names of competitors

Size of primary addressable market (US only)

Porter's Five Forces


part 11: financial ask (optional)

What are the key assumptions you are trying to test?

What would you spend money on in the business in the short term?

What are long term uses for investment?

Are you registered as an LLC or another corporation type?


part 12: additional files (optional)

Provide shareable links (with descriptive file names) to any additional files you would like us to see (cap table, operating agreement, napkins with drawings on them, etc.)